Citrus Leaf Miner

Citrus Leaf Miner is a miniscule caterpillar that attacks the new growth of citrus. The moth lays eggs on the underside of the new growth. These eggs then hatch and burrow under the surface of the leaf. Damage from citrus leaf miner generally takes the form of silvery trails on the leaves and curling of the new growth. There are two main ways of treating Citrus Leaf Miner. 

The first treatment is using an oil to coat the outside of the new growth. The oil acts as a physical barrier and  must be applied every 3-4 days or after rain until the new growth hardens off and the larvae cannot burrow into the leaf anymore. Either Eco Oil or Pest Oil will work for this.

The second treatment is Yates Success. Success has a translaminar effect which means that it is absorbed by the leaf and stays there for 5-7 days. Success actively kills the Citrus Leaf Miner caterpillar preventing or halting damage to the leaves

If your citrus does have Citrus Leaf Miner damage don't get too upset! These leaves will still photosynthesise but can also be easily cut off leaving room for new growth to shoot.

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