Maifan Stone 10kg  3-6mm
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What is it with maifan stone? One interesting plant essential is Maifan stone—but what exactly are Maifan stone? A bonus to using m...


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What is it with maifan stone?

One interesting plant essential is Maifan stone—but what exactly are Maifan stone?

A bonus to using maifan stone with their rich clay color and varying sizes, allows you to achieve that highly aesthetic look you might desire for potted indoor babies without breaking the bank since maifan balls last for 1 to 2 years, making it a highly economical and practical option for plant care. Hence, if you intend to venture or already a long term plant parent, it will be an opportune time to add maifan balls to your list of plant care essentials.

With its raw component as the more commonly known Maifan or Maifanite stones, it’s no wonder this product is a hit! Maifan is generally sourced from East Asia and has been exported throughout the world for its various purposes such as:

• Water purification for potable water; ?

• Water purification for shrimp propagation in aquaculture;?

• Beverage production, particularly in beer; ?

• As food preservative; ?

• Agriculture; ?

• Cosmetic products ?

• Cooking ware, especially in non-stick frying pans. Proving it is non- toxic and harmless to


Maifan is a material (mineral???? Element?) that´s quite diverse. Who would have thought that a component beer production of beer can be used for aquaculture or even gardening? Its diversity can be attributed to the fact that it contains about 62 different kinds of minerals, 14 of which being major elements.

Fifteen (15) of which are considered as rare earth elements---Lithium, strontium, Selenium and molybdenum to name a few. The said elements play significant roles in the purification process where maifan is commonly used.

This is the reason why maifan stone would be a great complement to your plant essentials. Maifan is highly porous that allow a great absorption rate for heavy metal ions including lead, calcium, arsenic that are toxic to plants (and sometimes to humans-- like arsenic that is a potent poison). Maifan practically functions as a filter, making water all the more beneficial for your plant babies.

One interesting fact about maifan is that it has become a popular option for a system called aquaponics that involves a system of growing plants in water, used for the cultivation of aquatic organisms.

Also of significant consequence is that maifan can regulate PH two-ways, which regulate weak acid from(PH = 5) to weakly alkaline (PH = 11) adjusted to near neutral (PH value of 7.2-9.7), this is because the main chemical components of maifan is A12O3, and the Al element is a typical amphoteric element

Hence, while maifan is a relatively new product in gardening, maifan balls will prove to be a worthy buy. It works extremely well with bonsais, adeniums, cactus, succulents and large water-loving plants. It is an organic option denying the growth of organisms that can be detrimental to plants.
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